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Jan Emmanuel Alonzo
No tuition hike in AY 2021-2022, miscellaneous fees to rise
Shookt siz Universitea university // April 1, 2020

What seemed like the impossible in previous years will soon become a reality.  Starting Academic Year 2021-2022, University sectors have finally agreed to a zero percent tuition fee increase (TFI). Discussions and dialogue that persisted even after the finalization of the TFI last February spurred the University administration to make a pre-emptive decision.  In his…

Rallying the Animo: Mandatory activism course implemented, to boost student engagement
News Feature Shookt siz Universitea // March 31, 2019

Protests against the current government have been commonplace as of late, with most of these movements being driven by student leaders and youth activist groups. Keeping up with the times, DLSU has thus taken a step forward to undertake what is perhaps a revolution in academic practice. Committed to “building a just, peaceful, stable, and…

CCS to be renamed ‘College of ComputerS’, still gets flak
Shookt siz Straight News Universitea //

Effective Academic Year 2019-2020, the College of Computer Studies (CCS) will be officially called the College of ComputerS to avoid any further confusion within the Lasallian community. The announcement was made public during a forum held at the Philippe Jones Lhuillier Conference Room last March 29. Titled Computer What?, the gathering was attended mostly by…