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Tinsel Joaquin
Students vs faculty: From classrooms to courts
Sports News // April 1, 2016

With the theme “Fostering Camaraderie and Athleticism through Sports”, the University Student Government (USG), in partnership with the Faculty Association (FA) and the Office of Sports Development (OSD), will hold the very first student versus faculty tournament games that will be dubbed as the “Battle Royale: Students vs Profs”. The competition will be a term-long…

Ara Galang to open up her own shop after college
Sports News //

Ara Galang has been making a name in the volleyball scene ever since the start of her UAAP career in 2011. With her skills and smarts, she was named captain for the renowned Lady Spikers even before her senior year. Despite Galang’s promising career as an athlete, it was revealed that she wanted to follow…

DLSU Green, Lady Woodpushers to revamp training regimen
Sports Feature // April 24, 2015

Relying heavily on one’s strategic and tactical prowess, chess is a sport that gives importance to the technical capabilities of its players. Thus, the usual training of a chess player focuses on learning maneuvers and techniques for various situations and applying them during the match. This has been the practice of the DLSU Green and…