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John Oliver Dysanco
Toward ‘true’ student representation: USG President reveals parliamentary gov’t proposal
Shookt Straight News Universitea, siz // April 1, 2020

Back in 2003, then Student Council (SC) President Saint Anthony Tiu drafted a proposal that would reorganize the SC into a system with three branches—the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary—patterned after the Philippine government. It was this idea that eventually gave birth to the USG.  Taking up the mantle 17 years after its conception, incumbent USG…

Building a competitive academic curriculum: Fanfiction, K-pop electives draw praise and confusion
Feature Shookt Universitea, siz //

Amid the global economic revolution that continues to create shifts in job markets, the University’s commitment to academic excellence and global competitiveness remains constant. In keeping up with the endeavor for learning, the University administration officially welcomes the integration of popular, albeit unorthodox, trends as proper electives in DLSU’s student curriculum. Vice Oppa for Academics…