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Sabrina Joyce Go
Animoland: Innovation in the world of fun
Hanasherie Menagerie Shookt // April 1, 2020

“The clownery never ends!”  The exciting new motto of Animoland will soon be sneaking its way into the hearts of Lasallians everywhere. In celebration of the University’s upcoming 110th anniversary, the theme park is designed to reel even the most stressed of students into a world of fun, feasts, and frère. Concept art and limited…

Swimming in pearls: The DLSU water fountain redemption story
Feature Hanasherie Shookt siz // April 1, 2019

When Lasallians pushed for cleaner water systems, DLSU said yes—and gave them milk tea.  A recent project by the administration has revealed that the University’s water fountains have a higher concentration of Echosera coli (E. coli) than the infamously murky waters of Manila Bay. Shocked and disturbed by this discovery, the school administration, as well…