The serious stuff
The serious stuff
It’s not just a joke
by Denise Nicole Uy
Opinion Shookt The serious stuff // April 1, 2019

This has been rattling my mind for quite some time now, but I’ve never been able to put it into words before. Now is as good a time as any—especially considering how this published in our annual Spoof issue. The LuhSallian—an issue where our staffers can poke fun and make some light-hearted jokes. It holds…

Shades of déjà vu
by Andrea Punzalan
Opinion Shookt The serious stuff // March 31, 2019

Normally during Saturdays, I’m either at the Smart Araneta Coliseum or the FilOil Flying V Centre as a spectator of a DLSU basketball or volleyball game. On other Saturdays, I’m at Robinsons Magnolia as a spectator of the newest Filipino or Marvel films. Although, last March 23, I was a different kind of spectator for…

Fashion: For respect, not harassment
by Shannon Matsuda
Opinion Shookt The serious stuff //

“Psst!” “Ang sexy naman nito!” (That person is so sexy!) These are some of the comments I have read from the victims of catcalling due to the clothes they wear. Many would expect victims to wear revealing clothes like off shoulder tops and shorts. Surprisingly, many of them just wore “conservative” and everyday clothes. Upon…

Young Journalism
by Arden Bacallan
Opinion Shookt The serious stuff //

They say that high school is the perfect time to find your identity. When I was in high school, I figured my desired career, I met my closest circle of friends, and I eventually found my passion—taking photos. High school is a training ground before going out into the real world. It offers ample opportunities…

Of campaigns, memes, and candidates
by The LaSallian
Editorial Shookt The serious stuff //

From the moment we step out from the comforts of our home, we are greeted with faces peering out from the borders of colorful posters. Almost no corner is left untouched, every nook and cranny accounted for. From sidewalks, the back of pedicabs, and even on local art murals, the smiling faces of hopeful candidates…