No tuition hike in AY 2021-2022, miscellaneous fees to rise
by Jan Emmanuel Alonzo, Kim Balasabas and Eliza Santos
Shookt siz Universitea university // April 1, 2020

What seemed like the impossible in previous years will soon become a reality.  Starting Academic Year 2021-2022, University sectors have finally agreed to a zero percent tuition fee increase (TFI). Discussions and dialogue that persisted even after the finalization of the TFI last February spurred the University administration to make a pre-emptive decision.  In his…

DLSU, McDonald’s partner up for campus-wide renovation
by Deo Cruzada, Enrico Sebastian Salazar and Helen Mae Saudi
Feature Shookt siz Universitea //

The McDonald’s restaurant in Gokongwei Hall was just the beginning. Next academic year, ID 120 students and below will be greeted with a big red smile from Ronald McDonald as the University expands its partnership with the global fast food giant. Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Campus Development Josemari Calleja reveals that this all started…

DLSU ranks among the world’s worst-smelling schools
by Maxine Ferrer, Frank Santiago and Sabine Cariño
Shookt siz Straight News Universitea //

St. La Salle Hall is perhaps best known for being “DLSU’s most historic building”, with its facade serving as a landmark of its own, donning a myriad of colored lights to signal important holidays and events. The building has even reached international renown; in 2007, it was the only architectural structure in the Philippines to…

Millanes: Dress code no longer in effect starting next AY
by Gershon De La Cruz, Maxine Ferrer and Eliza Santos
News Feature Shookt siz Universitea // April 1, 2019

In a dramatic policy change, Student Discipline Formation Office (SDFO) Director Michael Millanes confirms in an interview with The LaSallian the abolition of the dress code for students effective Academic Year (AY) 2019-2020. The decision materialized after closed-door deliberations of the Student Handbook Revisions Committee were held with various University stakeholders. This is not the…

Santugon, Tapat unite to form Aral Muna Partylist
by Warren Chua, Gershon De La Cruz and Joseph Aristotle De Leon
News Feature Shookt siz Universitea //

With 26 million youth voters in the coming 2019 senatorial midterm elections, the University’s student political parties, Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) and Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista  (Tapat), have joined forces to increase “political consciousness” among the youth by launching their own partylist—Aral Muna. Formed in secret in November 2018, the partylist now formally…

Proper etiquette on Tinder, Bumble to be major component in PERSEF courses
by Deo Cruzada, Cristina Francia and Roselin Manawis
News Feature Shookt siz Universitea // March 31, 2019

Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble are beginning to find their place in the Lasallian tradition of dating. The Information Technology Services, for instance, found that DLSU students spend an average of one hour per day on at least one of the platforms. When the DLSU Freedom Wall began to fill with anonymous complaints…

Rallying the Animo: Mandatory activism course implemented, to boost student engagement
by Jan Emmanuel Alonzo, Joseph Aristotle De Leon and Frank Santiago
News Feature Shookt siz Universitea //

Protests against the current government have been commonplace as of late, with most of these movements being driven by student leaders and youth activist groups. Keeping up with the times, DLSU has thus taken a step forward to undertake what is perhaps a revolution in academic practice. Committed to “building a just, peaceful, stable, and…

Nowhere but south: STEM colleges relocate to Laguna, DLSU to focus on THE Rankings
by Ramon Castañeda, Maxine Ferrer and Helen Mae Saudi
News Feature Shookt siz Universitea //

As Ronald Weasley once said, priorities need to be set straight—and the University is out to do just that. This coming Academic Year (AY) 2019-2020, students from the Gokongwei College of Engineering, College of Computer Studies, and the College of Science will relocate their students to the Laguna Campus. In its pursuit of further living…