Menagerie Feature
Menagerie Feature
Animoland: Innovation in the world of fun
by Addy Binoya, Magz Chin and Sabrina Joyce Go
Hanasherie Menagerie Shookt // April 1, 2020

“The clownery never ends!”  The exciting new motto of Animoland will soon be sneaking its way into the hearts of Lasallians everywhere. In celebration of the University’s upcoming 110th anniversary, the theme park is designed to reel even the most stressed of students into a world of fun, feasts, and frère. Concept art and limited…

Puss in books: Mooncake becomes DLSU’s first feline professor
by Angelo Fernandez and Lance Spencer Yu
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

Typically nestled on a pile of unmarked quizzes, Mooncake was a common sight at the Faculty Center, often dozing off in the company of the University’s faculty members. Now, the beloved feline has transcended man’s idea of a cat’s role in society by joining the ranks of the University’s esteemed faculty, and becoming DLSU’s first…

Crocodile residing under sewers of Castro located
by Kay Estepa and Enrico Peliño
Feature Hanasherie Shookt // April 1, 2019

Because of the health risks and public outcry, the University administration collaborated with the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System (MWSS) in order to investigate a possible contamination in the sewers of the University. Upon further examination of the underground pipes, it was revealed through a public advisory board that a crocodile has been living in…

Swimming in pearls: The DLSU water fountain redemption story
by Sabrina Joyce Go and Emily Lim
Feature Hanasherie Shookt siz //

When Lasallians pushed for cleaner water systems, DLSU said yes—and gave them milk tea.  A recent project by the administration has revealed that the University’s water fountains have a higher concentration of Echosera coli (E. coli) than the infamously murky waters of Manila Bay. Shocked and disturbed by this discovery, the school administration, as well…

by The LaSallian
Feature Hanasherie Shookt // March 31, 2019

You are on a bench at Henry grounds. Your stomach rumbles. The wind is cold on your face. Something is wrong. You sigh a heavy sigh. Life is horrible. You can’t seem to find happiness. “Fear not, my child.” You look around, but there is no one. “Look to the skies, little one.” You look…

The underground: A dive into the unfamiliar indie
by Isabelle Santiago and Yanna Zhang
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

“Indie Fest 2019: Celebration of Underground Music Only”—it said on the brochure as we entered the event with the same level of curiosity as the moment we purchased our tickets. Plastered on the doors was a poster with the words “Playlist check upon entrance: No Healy, No entry.” As we stood before the concert doors,…

When nature calls (loudly): DLSU Bathrooms 2 Try
by Anakin Loewes Garcia, Blair Clemente and Beatrice Joy del Rosario
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

University life can be clogged with a plethora of problems. Among the many deadlines and papers, sometimes nature calls in the middle of campus. Far from the familiarity of your own toilet, you flounder and try not to squat as the ticking time bomb in your stomach churns by the minute. Though a home away…

Go green with Imee: Education fit for a Queen
by Blair Clemente, Erinne Ong and Denise Nicole Uy
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

Imee Marcos, whose political accomplishments can only be rivaled by her university degrees, has once again proven her intellectual might by being appointed as an honorary professor in newly instated Pan De Salle’s College of Economics (PDSCEC), teaching Foreign Resource Management. After reviewing her multiple contributions to the cultural development of the Philippines, her strong…