Scientists discover most beautiful thing in the world
by Miguel Kou and Rafael Arceo
Sayans // April 1, 2020

your smile.

No more ‘Ten-nenen-nene-tenenenen’: Hydro Flasks produce loudest sound on Earth, to replace Carillon Bells
by Ryan Lim
Breaking The Surface Sayans Shookt //

Last March 28, the University’s Board of Trustees officially announced that the campus Carillon Bells will be replaced with a soundtrack composed solely of Hydro Flask collisions in a bid to “increase academic performance and punctuality”. Suffice to say, the recognizable chime that marks the start and end of every class period—and day—will never be…

Scientists introduce data bigger than Big Data
by Raymund Medialdea
Feature Sayans Shookt //

As the world marches onward from the Age of Information to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, larger and more diverse datasets travel through cyberspace at the speed of Lightning McQueen. A sizable portion of peoples’ lives is dictated by data, depicted in how corporations collect and interpret user information to service their customers. From Google searches…

Unearthing the truth: Is Sen. Bato dela Rosa a rock?
by Jihan Marie Ferrer and Kent Regalado
Sayans Shookt Versus //

For every answer that Science reveals, there is always another question that emerges, begging to be answered and holding the potential to change the world. Last July 2018, reliable news source The Daily Squat released an article that finally revealed the answer to a perpetual question that has puzzled geologists for years: Is Dwayne “The…

Copycats: Suspicious cloning facility discovered in DLSU
by Melissa Reyes
Breaking The Surface Sayans Shookt //

Despite expectations that construction would have been completed by October 2019, the Gokongwei Hall has yet to be finished. Some speculated that the reason for this delay may be due to the project not being a priority, but the administration has since clarified that it is due to lack of manpower. Recently, however, a new…

Warp zones closed, bizarre phenomena reported by students, faculty
by Jasper Buan
Breaking The Surface Sayans Shookt //

On the morning of March 9, the Health Services Office (HSO) was met with an influx of distraught students and faculty claiming to have witnessed unnerving events unfold when they passed through the various bridges, colloquially known as “warp zones”, that connect buildings on campus. HSO staff reported that a majority of them seemed visibly…

Alas!: Division by zero finally defined
by Lance Fernando
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In Mathematics, a number cannot be divided by zero. This has been an ironclad rule set in place as far back as 628 CE, when Indian mathematician Brahmagupta first defined the number’s properties. One may go as far as examine the behavior of a number as it nears being divided by zero, but it will…

‘It’s the milk’: Scientists reclassify almonds under Class Mammalia 
by Ramon Castañeda
Breaking The Surface Sayans Shookt //

After scientists confirmed that mermaids—mythical creatures who are part-human and part-fish—are actually mammals, another organism has also been given a new classification: almonds. Now belonging under Class Mammalia, these nuts were reclassified by the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), a partnership of American agencies that aim to provide information on the taxonomy or classification of…