The LuhSallian is of the students, by the students, and for the students; a student publication that strives for nothing less than journalistic spoofing. Medj committed to the University’s mission of producing Lasallian Achievers for God and Country that teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives, its writers, photographers, artists, and web managers seek for truth and work for change as competent leaders and ambassadors of critical spoofing.
of the students
As a student publication, The LuhSallian is accountable mainly to the sense of humor of De La Salle University-Manila.
by the students
The LuhSallian, as a completely student-run and managed publication, is a training ground for professional, competent, and responsible spoof journalists.
for the students
The LuhSallian, through its news and perspectives, represents and fights for common sense and laughter of the studentry.
Sometimes spoofs are the realest. Some of our jokes have been known to come true.
""Editorial Board""
Wall Climber Editor In Chief
Pusheen Tagulao Associate Editor
Sugar Mommy Managing Editor
Blaise 2000 BG University Editor
Hodgepodge Villarosa Menagerie Editor
Ready, set, Guiao Sports Editor
Call me by your name Art & Graphics Editor
Karen Photo Editor
Dota Boi Layout Editor
Hackerwoman Web Editor
Raw Materials from China, Made in Manila Circulations Manager
Poufsouffle Office Manager
Cara (repeat 5x) Chameleon Training & Development Manager
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