University Are you the Taftest Lasallian? DLSU recognizes ‘online class survivors’
University Are you the Taftest Lasallian? DLSU recognizes ‘online class survivors’
Are you the Taftest Lasallian? DLSU recognizes ‘online class survivors’
April 1, 2022
April 1, 2022

Lasallians have been stuck in remote learning for over two years. Thus, the Office of the Provost, alongside the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA), has determined ways to honor the University’s so-called “online class survivors”.

While these titles and rewards seem fitting for many, the said offices—in coordination with the University Student Government (USG)—have placed guidelines to determine the best Lasallian Zoomer.

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Zooming into new awards

Aside from the usual awards given during graduation, graduating students now have the chance to earn a special award—the Taftest Student—for which the main requirement to apply is to have a stable WiFi connection. Additional requirements include consistently having kept their cameras on during class and never getting disconnected from Zoom while class is ongoing.

“I think I have what it takes to get that award,” Royce Jimenez (IV, OCM-ENP) proudly states. “Our internet bandwidth is 200 Mbps.”

It does not stop there, however. Students can also get additional points by going beyond pambahay. Students get an outfit check every class, which asks them to have a full body look of their outfit of the day. The more flamboyant the attire is, the higher points a student garners for the recognition.

But the awards are not only beneficial for graduating students. Undergraduates can apply for the Bibo To the Extreme award to increase their grade point average, making them more likely to make the Dean’s List. Those who consistently turn their microphones on during Zoom classes to respond, “Yes po, we can see your screen po,” may also gain additional points leading to this award.

“I’ve been a bibo kid ever since I was bata pa so getting that award would just be a piece of cake,” Jessica Reyes (II, MGT) said.

The Taftest Student award, however, is to follow the usual application processes, where students are to nominate themselves.

While there is already a running list of candidates for the said awards, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Christine Joy Ballada believes that many are still qualified to apply. When asked about the current award nominees, she comments, “Dasurv!”


Recognition does not only stop here, as students are expected to be given more perks for their online class survival.

Online class compensations

The USG recently released a survey to graduating students regarding graduation awards and ceremonies. Most of them expressed their disappointment over not being able to step foot on campus before their graduation and also not being able to continue the tradition of celebrating graduation rites at the Philippine International Convention Center.

“It do be like that sometimes,” comments University Provost Dr. Robert Roleda. He says that the University cannot do much since “the pandemic is something that we (the University) cannot control.”

Meanwhile, USG President Jior…Georg…Giorgina Escoto assured that the administration is still deliberating on the matter due to the safety protocols becoming more lax. Last March 1, Metro Manila’s classification was lowered to Alert Level 1. For graduating students, this move only emphasized that the University should “get moving” with planning in-person activities, including commencement exercises.

“Rest assured that your USG has heard your voice and we are maximizing our resources and manpower in this fight for a face-to-face graduation,” Escoto expresses. “Hindi kayo mag-iisa. We are with the students for the nation.”

(“You are not alone.”)

While consultations between the USG and the administration are ongoing, a sudden update was released around 12 am of March 31 through a Help Desk Announcement stating that the University has decided to waive graduation fees “to compensate for the stress caused by online classes.” Graduates will be given an alumni card for free, with shipping expenses covered by the University, a 50-percent discount if they choose to pursue graduate studies in any De La Salle Philippines school, as well as additional P1,000 worth of Grab and Uniqlo vouchers. 

“Students who miss the University can use the alumni card to relive the days where they are supposed to be inside the campus but were forced to stay at home because of the pandemic,” Roleda furthers.

When asked if the administration intends to make the token permanent for future batches, Roleda only replies, “Of course not—unless everyone wants to remain in the online setup.”

‘Not all good things are free’

Several students have expressed excitement about the upcoming giveaways they will receive once they graduate although upon verification with Roleda, it was disclosed that these giveaways come with a price, figuratively speaking.

Apparently, the 50-percent discount for graduate studies will only be available within the duration of two years. The alumni card is already free itself but the University will not be shouldering its renewal. Lastly, the free vouchers are also bound to expire within the next seven days upon receiving them.

“Not all good things are free. Pasensya na, God bless.” Roleda states.

(Please bear with me.)

With this, the USG, alongside concerned University offices, are yet to review these new policies and awards for “inclusivity” agendas. A dry run, however, is set for this academic year’s batch of graduates.

To ramp up the awards system planning, a central committee was created by the USG. They are currently in the process of looking for partners and sponsors for these awards. “I believe x-deals would suffice. Everyone loves discounts, right?” shares central committee head Tim Tam (V, CHCO).

With HyFlex classes set on the 10th week of this term, students who attend limited in-person classes will no longer be eligible for these awards. “They’re called online class awards for a reason,” Tam clarifies.