DLSU hypeman and alumnus, Lolo Derecho, is Animo Squad’s newest voice

Not known to the eyes of many Lasallians until now, Tee admits that as part of the preparations for the upcoming Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program (LPEP) 2K23.

As one can expect crowds of students, fans, and alumni to attend UAAP rounds and cheer their hearts out, no match for the Green and White is complete without the spirited glee that rumbles the arena. When tensions are high during games, Lasallians could always rely on Vicente Tee as he leads the crowd to cheer along with his iconic shouts.

In lieu of the quiet crowds seen whenever La Salle plays a UAAP match, the DLSU community made a way to bring back Taft’s spirit to the arena through DLSU’s very own hypeman and alumnus. Animo Squad recently announced that Tee, more commonly known as “Lolo Derecho” from his iconic cheers, will join their spectacular acrobatic stunts and cheers for the rest of UAAP Season 85.

Tough crowd

Coming back from two long years of no UAAP games due to the restrictions brought around by the COVID-19 pandemic, there seemed to be something missing as the competition was back for Season 84. Lolo Derecho and many in the Lasallian community saw that the La Salle crowds were less enthusiastic than before.

At first, it was understandable how there was less cheering since fewer spectators flocked to the Season 84 games, still fearing the virus. But halfway through the 85th season of UAAP, the lack of passion within the crowd from Taft remains an issue. Tee had tried to amp up the sea of Green and White through his lively cheers but, as he puts it,May nawawala pa rin.

(There’s something missing.)

It was not just hypeman Lolo Derecho who observed the quiet crowds. During the recent games, the De La Salle Brothers also noticed this lull. For one, rivalry games are expected to be packed with DLSU supporters who pour out their hurrahs and boost the morale of their side’s athletes. Those games are intense at heart, and the arena is always predicted to have a full house. However, the De La Salle Brothers discloses that cheers felt “scarce” during these games. Finding ways to reignite the fervor back of the DLSU side, they have identified Lolo Derecho as one person who is essential toward achieving that goal.

On a joint effort

With the hope of reigniting the same loud Lasallian crowd that the UAAP community has been accustomed to, the two loudest voices among the Green and White bleachers are set to collaborate. The Animo Squad team captain Lance Lacsamana reveals that, with the approval of President Br. Bernard Oca FSC, the yell commanders recently tapped Lolo Derecho to join them in teaching the new batch of La Salle students some of the popular cheers of the University during the games.

The Animo Squad sees this collaboration as a huge boost to help the incoming ID 123 realize that being a Lasallian does not stop when one graduates from the University. Hence, the spirit only becomes stronger when one actively supports and participates in Lasallian activities such as cheering for school varsity teams during UAAP games.

Taking center stage

Not known to the eyes of many Lasallians until now, Tee admits that as part of the preparations for the upcoming Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program 2K23, he has been actively joining the Animo Squad during their weekend rehearsals. Lolo Derecho is indeed one of “The Few, The Chosen, The Loud, and the Proud”—making it natural for him to fit in with the likes of the Animo Squad.

Age is indeed, just a number for Lolo Derecho, as he discloses his plans to level up his cheer by showing off his ability to split and do somersaults despite his seniority. Tee shares with The LuhSallian, “Not many know that I used to be a international-level gymnast back in the day. Until now, I still work on my routines.” The man of many talents adds, “Don’t be fooled by appearances, there’s a thing or two that the Animo Squad will pick up from me.”

Moreover, he is more than willing to take on this new role for him despite having a number of years under his name. “I feel an overwhelming amount of pride and happiness to be given the opportunity to teach the incoming ID 123 the cheers even though I graduated way back 1971,” Tee elaborates.

The newest batch of Lasallians entering university life this upcoming Academic Year 2023-2024 can expect a special cheer performance from Lolo Derecho and the Animo Squad before their highly-anticipated frosh walk.