From GenAd to Courtside: A guide to becoming a UAAP basketball girlfriend

Becoming a UAAP basketball girlfriend has its perks and challenges, but there is a rabid group of people who dream of stealing the hearts of their favorite collegiate stars.

Behind the success of any UAAP basketball team are the fanbase and close supporters of the athletes. While most fans are unknown to them, there are ones who tirelessly provide the inspiration closest to their hearts—their girlfriends.

Through the rigorous battles and ecstatic moments is a constant individual in the arms of the athlete. Becoming a UAAP basketball girlfriend has its perks and challenges, but there is a rabid group of people who dream of stealing the hearts of their favorite collegiate stars.

Some dreams are meant to be swept under the rug, but becoming a UAAP basketball girlfriend is not one of them. Thus, here are several steps that will catch the eye of the players, and you’ll never know—you might be one of them.


Let’s face it; many relationships start with attraction and infatuation. As most believe, love can happen at first sight. When any girl is interested in any UAAP basketball player, her natural instinct is to learn more about him and scroll through his posts and stories. 

It may not mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but following all their social media accounts is a terrific springboard to start the exciting journey of being noticed by your ultimate crush. 


Following your crush on social media can be the start of something serious, but if nothing is done after pressing the follow button, then nothing will progress. As a result, you must slide into their direct messages and tell yourself, “Baka bored si crush ngayon, makikita niya yung message request ko sa Instagram hihihi.”

(My crush might be more bored right now, so he will notice my message request on Instagram.)

Showing your admiration and support may not be noticed initially, but consistency and perseverance will separate you from the rest.


With different kinds of love languages, it’s difficult to figure out and navigate how to express one’s love especially during the “talking stages” and tropa premiums alike. As the partner of a basketball player, it is essential to attend almost every game. Quality time and acts of service are constant actions you must emulate from the current wives or girlfriends of the UAAP players.

By shrieking when their crush touches the ball and exclaiming the name of their darling student-athlete, it proves their unconditional support for him. You never know, this might be the day when your cheers help him earn the Best Player of the Game plum, and the day you get to meet him for the first time. Deep inside you can tell yourself, Baka ang galing niya today kasi nakakuha ako ng ticket sa Patron hehe. Kailan kaya ako makakakuha ng ticket galing sa kanya? Ako siguro ang lucky charm.”

(Maybe he played well today because I got a ticket in Patron. When will be the time wherein he will give me a ticket? I might be the lucky charm.)


It is then the time to take the next big step in making him remember you. The next time you see him, ask for a picture that will make you stand out—continue this until you get different pictures with him. This a great way to show your consistency, you can even mention the next time “Naalala mo ba ako? Ako yung nagpapicture sa ‘yo sa MOA, pagkatapos ng laro mo. Pati sa may Agno nung isang araw!”. 

(Do you remember me? I was the one who asked for a picture in MOA after your game. Also the time in Agno the other day!)

Not only will this spark specific instances when he sees you, but your interactions may leave an impression on him—never leaving his mind even as he shoots the lights out. He won’t forget the mere fact that you wait for him after finishing games just to get a glimpse of him up close. You never know, the next time you run into each other, he might be the one to ask for an exclusive picture with you!


Now that you have a collection of pictures with him, you can now flex them online! Catch his attention by creating TikTok velocity edits of him playing or noticing you in slow motion. Step up your game by tagging him on his social media accounts, especially on Instagram for him to repost on his stories. 

This is the most important step as this allows him to see your never-ending dedication to show your support in every way possible. Maintain this progress by designing fan-made merchandise for him. Great examples would be jerseys, headbands, banners, tote bags, stickers, and even cardboard cutouts of him! Always remind yourself, May karapatan ako na ipagyayabang ko ‘to! Hinding-hindi ako makakalimutan ‘kung ganito ako ka-effort sa lahat ng laro niya”. 

(I have the right to brag about this! He will not forget me if I exert this much effort in all his games.) 


Your efforts are finally starting to pay off, you just need a little push by giving him “small” gifts after his training sessions to show your appreciation. This can range from doughnuts, snacks, letters, his favorite Starbucks order, personalized items, and many more—make sure to explore different things and find out what he likes the most! You can even squeeze in some small talk as you give your gifts, do not waste the opportunity! But most importantly, do not forget to have a friend (or more!) video you so that you have videos for your Instagram reels and future dates in BGC. 

Things will kick off smoothly from here on out. The regular visits, gifts, TikTok edits, Spotify playlists, conversations, and memorable pictures will help you shoot your shot. Always remember to stay consistent yet unique—so you can stand out from the crowd. 

You might be able to boast, “Manonood lang dapat ako ng UAAP basketball, hindi  ko inaasahang magkaka-boyfriend ako sa lagay na ‘to!” There is a huge chance that you can be the next person who will be shown on the big screen every UAAP game as you showcase your successful love story to the whole arena. 

(I was just supposed to watch a UAAP basketball game, I never expected to get a boyfriend as well!)

You never know, your crush might bag two wins next season, a championship, and better yet, you!