Match point: Unearthing relationships through Valorant

Finding love in a game like Valorant may seem like a dream to some. But in an unexpected twist, this is a reality that many players experience. Is it the deep and sultry voice when speaking in team comms that catches one’s attention? Or is it the players’ chill and positive vibes that leave others…

Finding love in a game like Valorant may seem like a dream to some. But in an unexpected twist, this is a reality that many players experience. Is it the deep and sultry voice when speaking in team comms that catches one’s attention? Or is it the players’ chill and positive vibes that leave others with the desire of wanting to play with them more?

The concept of having a “Valorant duo” is something that most, if not all, Valorant players are aware of. Although it technically refers to two people playing together, it has developed a romantic connotation over time as the game’s community continued to thrive.

With this becoming a huge part of Valorant culture, game developer Riot Games has revealed plans of releasing a new and upcoming game mode that looks into fostering and enriching relationships among Valorant duos.

Hitting the mark

Typhoid Ngo (III, AB-POM),  “Her Yoru” on Valorant, has been playing since the game’s release. He was hooked on it from the moment he saw the gameplay. “I’ve always loved playing first-person shooter games since I grew up with them. There’s a certain thrill that I get whenever I’m in a competitive environment such as Valorant that makes me want to play more or climb up the ranks,” he narrates. 

Due to his driven nature, he admits that he has difficulties finding someone to play with him. “Although I do play with my buddies sometimes, I mostly play alone because I don’t want to ruin my friends’ experience in playing the game just because I want to win,” he divulges.

He then reveals an encounter where he decided to queue in the game’s Unrated mode—where players can play freely without the pressure of affecting one’s rank. Unbeknown to him, this was where he would meet a certain Kyaaaaadae Shymko (II, AB-PSM), also known by her in-game name “His Skye”,  as a teammate. 

“I don’t know how or why, but we managed to click after a few games. After two weeks, I asked for her Discord and we hit it off. I feel invigorated whenever she hits me with that uwu when we play,” he reminisces. For His Skye, it was his voice that seemingly charmed her. “I still remember the first time I heard his voice. The raspy baritone never gets old,” she expresses gleefully.  With lovestruck looming over their heads, both players are eager to find a deeper connection through the non-stop action of Valorant.

One in the chamber

Riot Games recently revealed hints about a planned game mode called the Lovers’ Queue—a casual, non-competitive 2v2 mode that can be used by players who want to meet new people. According to them, the game mode is their way of competing against popular dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder. “We want to ensure a means of meeting new people through a much more interactive environment, and there’s no other way to know a person more than when they feel the pressure of pulling off a 1v2 clutch in a round,” they explain. 

For Riot, the up-and-coming game mode is by no means a substitute for actual dating. They emphasized that their game simply offers a means of letting individuals meet in a familiar environment. “Compared to more traditional dating applications, our twist on Valorant’s roster of game modes offers a distinct appeal to folks who prefer a much more experimental option.”. 

Riot also accentuates the intended game mode’s lighthearted and wholesome atmosphere, emphasizing the casual gameplay of  Lovers’ Queue. “Here in Riot Games, we value our players’ opinions and enjoyment when playing our game, especially Valorant. We want to give them a comfortable space wherein they can play without any competitive stakes,” they posit.

To further separate Lover’s Queue from other Valorant game modes, Riot states that special features will be added that can only be accessed when playing in the upcoming mode. “Lovers’ Queue will brandish an entirely new UI for our Sage mommies and Sova daddies to enjoy; traces of pink, red, and white will cover the HUD, weapons will be variations of Cupid’s bows, and kill animations will be replaced with love-struck characters. It’s truly the game mode for our hopeless romantics out there,” they illustrate vividly.

Glimpses of Sage & Brimstone

Aside from helping singles find the Raze to their Killjoy, multiple couples have expressed intentions to use the game mode as well, citing a multitude of reasons. To Her Yoru, it’s all about the thrill of the rush. “Aside from the surge of adrenaline that I feel whenever I hear her high-pitched squeals as I mow down the enemy team, the sudden euphoric sensation of getting revived by my one true love is something that any other gamer can never be compared to. Her uwus keep me alive,” he passionately expresses. 

Clout-chasing aside, the trivial act of helping your loved one already means the world for His Skye. “I may not be the best at the game, but as long as I can ensure that he can frag out through my help, then I’m more than willing to spend a lot more time practicing lineups and setups that can help him! After all, my one and only Yoru main deserves all of my love and support!” she reiterates.

Speculation about Valorant’s new game mode can provide entire galaxies worth of situations for single people. Her Yoru and His Skye are only one of the vast stories to prove that love indeed can blossom on the battlefield. And with every tick of the spike before it implodes, Riot Games hopes to create an environment for gamers not just to compete for that sweet win but to gain a chance in gaining the best form of victory—your very own situationship. Oh, and a “Pocket Sage” wouldn’t hurt too.