Now Serving: Angel Canino unveiled as the new face of Angel’s Pizza

UAAP Season 85 Rookie-MVP Angel Canino takes her visual appeal to greater heights, now becoming the cheeziest and oven-hottest face of Angel’s Pizza.

UAAP Season 85 Women’s Volleyball Rookie-MVP Angel Canino has been offered the biggest deal of her career yet—becoming Angel’s Pizza’s new face and ambassador. The young athlete was chosen to represent Angel’s Pizza because of her growing popularity among young adults, who are also deemed to be part of the DLSU Lady Spikers fandom, which is the brand’s target demographic. 

Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat! Ako po si Angel Canino, welcome to Angel’s Pizza!

“Heaven at your doorstep”

Canino shares how surprised she was when the brand first contacted her. “‘Di po ako makapaniwala na ako po yung ‘Angel’ na napili nila,” she exclaims, well aware that some many other influencers and celebrities share the same name as her, such as Angel Dei Peralta and Angel Locsin. 

(I can’t believe that I was the ‘Angel’ that they chose.)

The pizza business eventually became a game changer in the ever-growing market for Figaro Coffee Group’s company. In an interview with The LuhSallian, CEO Henry Soesanto expresses how they saw Canino as the perfect face for the brand. “Our company, which started as a humble coffee chain, became successful because of Angel’s Pizza; that is why I am more than happy to appoint Canino for the role. It fits her so perfectly that anyone would think of our pizza when hearing her name.” He also acknowledged how the Lady Spiker was a key player in her team’s success in the previous and current volleyball seasons. 

Canino, meanwhile, shares how Angel’s Pizza plays a vital role in family gatherings. “Lagi po kami umo-order ng Creamy Spinach Dip, ito po yung family favorite namin.” According to the rising volleyball star, her family often joked about her being the future face of the nationwide food chain. “Lagi po nila ako binibiro na manglibre naman daw po ako dahil parang akin yung brand kasi ‘Angel’s’ daw.” She reminisces how something that started as a simple inside joke at home slowly unfolded into reality.

(They would always tease me into treating them with free pizza since it’s named after me.)

When asked about what changed after becoming ambassadress, she reveals excitedly how the pizza brand treats her so well. “Lagi na po akong may dalang boxes ng Angel’s Pizza tuwing training. Busog na busog po ang Lady Spikers, pero masama po ang tingin ni Coach Ramil (de Jesus). Kailangan po kasi namin mag-diet daw ho.” Angel even explained how the delicious spinach on top of her favorite pizza is one of her main protein sources, which is needed for her highly athletic lifestyle. 

(I always bring boxes of Angel’s Pizza during training. The Lady Spikers are always so full and happy, but Coach Ramil is not. He said we should watch our diets.) 

Serving soon

MVPs like Canino are known to be versatile on the court as they are equipped with various skills required to be called an all-around player. Embodying this aspect of Canino into their brand, Angel’s Pizza revealed that they are gearing up to offer new and unexpected dishes that customers have yet to try. 

Carbohydrates are important for student-athletes like Canino as they bring out the energy they need in every game to perform at their top-most capabilities. Starting this April, Angel’s Pizza will add traditional Filipino desserts, like puto and pancakes, which come in various flavors. The pizza joint will start to offer Angel Puto in three flavors, namely, pandan, ube, and cheese. According to Canino, she made her good friend Detdet Pepito of the UST Golden Tigresses, a puto enthusiast, try out these newly added flavors and said she loved it too. 

Meanwhile, Angel Pancakes will soon be available for ordering in original and chocolate flavors with the customers’ choice of toppings. Lyka De Leon, a fellow Lady Spiker, was challenged by Canino to create her own personalized pancake. “Ang cute nung experience na maglalagay ako ng toppings ko sa pancake. I chose to add the OGs, butter and maple syrup, then I added sliced blueberries and strawberries on top para colorful. Para lang akong gumagawa ng pizza,” De Leon happily shares her experience.

(The experience of adding toppings on my pancakes was cute. I chose to add the OGs, butter and maple syrup, and then I added sliced blueberries and strawberries on top to make it colorful. It’s just like I’m making pizza.)

With much anticipation from the fans, Canino could not keep the secret to herself anymore. “I am looking forward to everyone trying the new puto and pancake, especially since those two are close to my heart as a volleyball player. I tried them, and I’m pretty sure everyone will like it as much as I did,” Canino unveiled. 

With her young career still skyrocketing due to her consistency and stellar performance in every game in the UAAP, fans of the Lady Spikers and sport could expect more from the rising volleyball star. Angel’s Pizza is just one of the many brands eyeing her as the face of their company, and only time will tell when these brands will start to uncover their plans with the legendary Angel Canino.