Starlet Heartthrob: Phil Younghusband becomes the newest DLSU Green Booters Head Coach

Phil Younghusband has made his comeback to football, but now as the playmaker of the Green Booters. Join him in his journey towards a CLEAR future with La Salle.

With the Green Booters’ championship drought threatening to reach 30 years and their last win being all the way back in 1998, the DLSU football program has reached a blockbuster deal with the country’s most prolific striker. Despite having retired in 2019, Phil Younghusband has agreed to become the DLSU Men’s Football Team head coach for a ten-year contract that will be on the green touchline until 2029.

Passing the torch

Being his first official management appointment, the hire can be deemed radical; however, the Philippine Azkals legend sees huge success on the distant horizon for the Green Booters. He explains, “Watching La Salle play last season was something I did not expect that would give me the motivation to start my managerial career. The team was somewhat inconsistent, but I saw great promise in the young players and the style of play I could implement if I were given the opportunity.”

Behold the newest DLSU Green Booters head coach reppin the Green-and-White with his dashing looks.

Younghusband also credits longtime Head Coach Alvin Ocampo with being enthusiastic about the chances that the aspiring manager would be the catalyst to bring the Green Booters back to the top of the UAAP pyramid. He shares, “Coach Alvin [Ocampo] actually called me back when I sent him a message that I wanted to be a part of his staff and told me that he was looking for someone trustworthy to replace him as he wanted to go into more of an advisory role.”

In terms of footballing philosophy, the new coach sees his style as similar to that of Liverpool FC coach Jurgen Klopp where he foresees his side playing with a high backline while mainly focusing on maintaining a heavy pressing attack.

Impact on and off the pitch

Younghusband admits that he initially attempted to transfer to the DLSU Men’s Football Team as a player, hoping to inject his expertise into the field directly. However, the UAAP board members quickly vetoed this move, citing concerns of unfair advantage to other teams. “We appreciate Mr. Younghusband’s interest in playing for us (UAAP), but while he certainly can still pass off as a college student due to his looks and physical appearance, it would be highly unfair for other universities, especially since La Salle already boasts the best basketball and volleyball teams,” UAAP President Emmanuel Calanong explained in a public statement last February 30. Despite this, Younghusband quickly pivoted toward a coaching role instead, seeing it as an opportunity to still contribute to the team’s success.

Acknowledging the league’s tough decision, Younghusband expresses his determination to make an impact from the sidelines, stating, “While I may not be able to play alongside the team, I am committed to guiding and nurturing their talents as their head coach.” This transition marked a significant shift in Younghusband’s chosen career trajectory, showcasing his adaptability and dedication to the sport beyond his playing days.

Despite the initial setback of not being able to join them on the pitch, Younghusband remains focused on the Green Booters, going as far as saying, “This team is special, they remind me of my brother and me, and I would do everything in my power to make sure that these kids realize their full potential as footballers.” With such high praise from an athlete of Younghusband’s caliber, several players from the Green Booters are already gearing up for intense training sessions under his guidance, eager to absorb his knowledge and expertise to elevate their game to new heights.

A Clear future

With a top personality like Younghusband, brand deals and publicity never go away. One of his former and top partners, Clear, has even contacted him in the hopes of sponsoring the Green Booters moving forward, “Yeah, Clear actually called me again after years of no marketing activations, with the intention of sponsoring the team with their shampoo products.”

“A partnership with such a well-known shampoo brand in the country can bring newfound confidence to the boys, and all of them are good-looking lads, so a commercial wouldn’t hurt them now or in the future,” Younghusband humbly explains. However, it looks like his desire to transform his players is all part of his plan to holistically improve the team, “With their academics, training, and added spotlight, I want to see how they will react and if they have what it takes to be the future faces of Philippine football. Especially with the bald-headed players, I want to see how they will react when people make fun of the fact that someone with a shaved head endorses a shampoo brand.”

With a new head coach at the helm, the future of the Green Booters is something to look forward to in the future years to come. Younghusband will be looking to replicate the success of his predecessor and add to the storied history of DLSU Football, alongside upholding the ambition not only to succeed on the field but off the pitch as well.

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