Night at South Gate: Meet the Stoners
by Emily Lim, Denise Nicole Uy and Trisha Concepcion
Feature Hanasherie Shookt // April 1, 2020

The University’s famed South Gate underwent a significant renovation in 2017. Gone was the little nook older Lasallians were familiar with and here was its natural evolution: a state of the art entryway reminiscent of those in posh malls. Everyday, many hurriedly pass through the spacious area, oblivious to the looming structure standing in the…

Outtatime: DLSU Eco Car Team’s time-traveling wonder
by Anakin Loewes Garcia, William Ong and Isabelle Santiago
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

The future is always moving forward. While technology is getting closer to the fictional future depicted in movies—with self-driving cars and spaceships to Mars slowly becoming a reality—speed isn’t always the name of the game. The DLSU Eco Car Team (DLSU ECT) is one such example of this, being a team of young inventors who…

DLSU to serve as filming location for new MCU movie
by Joaquin Luna, Nadine Macalalad and Celestine Sevilla
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

In the first few weeks of the new year, a barrage of bewildered posts slathered the DLSU Community Forum Facebook group, with students asking questions ranging from “Why are there so many trailers parked near North Gate?” to “Am I crazy, or was that really Tom Holland leaving the elevator just now?” While public focus…

Animoland: Innovation in the world of fun
by Addy Binoya, Magz Chin and Sabrina Joyce Go
Hanasherie Menagerie Shookt //

“The clownery never ends!”  The exciting new motto of Animoland will soon be sneaking its way into the hearts of Lasallians everywhere. In celebration of the University’s upcoming 110th anniversary, the theme park is designed to reel even the most stressed of students into a world of fun, feasts, and frère. Concept art and limited…

The crown of Henry Sy Sr. Hall: DLSU’s very own mecha
by Patrick Adrian Chan and Westin Perez
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

Wisps of golden sunshine slowly begin to peek out from behind the silhouette of Henry Sy Sr. Hall; the air is ripe with a chill that only the morning could bring. At the foot of the mighty building stands Shinji Asuka (XI, CIV), wearing a bomber jacket and a proud smile. “Imagine what it’d look…

Project DTF: DLSU Top Fan scholarship
by Blair Clemente, Kay Estepa and Marie Angeli Peña
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

The DLSU Freedom Wall needs no introduction. A hub for the aches, triumphs, and memes of the DLSU community, it has been a mainstay among Lasallians on Facebook since its inception.  Hosting the full variety of the student populace, the page captures life at every stage of being in the University. The wall is frequented…

Puss in books: Mooncake becomes DLSU’s first feline professor
by Angelo Fernandez and Lance Spencer Yu
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

Typically nestled on a pile of unmarked quizzes, Mooncake was a common sight at the Faculty Center, often dozing off in the company of the University’s faculty members. Now, the beloved feline has transcended man’s idea of a cat’s role in society by joining the ranks of the University’s esteemed faculty, and becoming DLSU’s first…

USMOKIT: Destigmatizing the cultivation of marijuana
by Albert Bofil, Romeo Escareal and Ronald Laylo
Feature Hanasherie Shookt //

Recent decades have brought forth huge strides in medical marijuana research, led by countries like Canada and The Netherlands, alongside more Western countries decriminalizing the use of marijuana. This has led to countless new hybrids of the Cannabis plant and discoveries pertaining to their application especially in the medical field. Here in the Philippines, taking…